Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 5 (?) weigh-in

How sad is it I'm not really sure what week this is?  I could go back and count, but does it really matter?

I'm officially down 9.2 lbs--so close to 10!  I'm excited for next week. :)  The website wants me to set a "time" goal for a specific loss, but I hesitate to do this.  I'll be on this plan for at least a year, and probably more like 2 years if I'm being realistic.  I'd rather not set specific dates and then get discouraged if I miss them.  I think that I'd rather just chug along and do the best I can, with some weeks being more difficult than others.  When you have kids, I kind of think that's what you have to do.  And so far, I have not felt deprived, so this seems sustainable.  If I start putting pressure on myself to be down X pounds by X day, I think I'll get overwhelmed and want to give up.  This is a marathon (or maybe a tri-athalon?), NOT a sprint. 

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