Monday, March 14, 2011

Week 4 results and hiatus

I have now officially lost 7 lbs, even with the birthday party bonanza on Saturday.  I did not count points Saturday and had more than one serving of brie, plus cake.  But I don't think I went TOO overboard.

Last week was really busy and I didn't end up making the chicken parm or drumsticks, so I'm going to make those this week.  We will probably have leftovers on Wednesday, or maybe I'll get a corned beef for the crock pot.  Then we will be visiting family and dining out a lot, which will be a challenge but I've survived before so I am sure I can do it.

One challenge--some restaurants only give you calories, not complete nutritional info for their food.  If the restaurant also isn't on the WW ap (I'm looking at YOU, Outback Steakhouse), that leaves me making guesses about what to order.  I chose a low-calorie salad at Outback, got home and looked up the complete nutritional info online and discovered it was 15 pts!  I probably could have ordered my second choice that was actually more calories for fewer points.  At any rate, I had the points to "spend" so it was ok, but it's just frustrating because I know that eventually I won't have the points to spare.  I think when in doubt I'll just be ordering a plain grilled chicken breast and veggies.

I did ask for the complete nutritional info but was told they didn't have it.  I find that odd since it is on their website.  And if it is on their website, WHY isn't it on the app?

Hopefully any excessive points consumption this weekend will be evened out by the walking I'll do while there.  Oh, I did fine yesterday even with hubby's ribs.  I only had 2 ribs, but along with a baked potato it was plenty.

I figured out how to change my weigh/week start day to Monday.  I think this will work best as I usually plan meals Monday-Sunday, and I'd rather have my weekend days together at the end of the week.  For those who don't know, while you have the point tracker screen up on the WW website, click on "settings" and its in there somewhere.  I swear I thought I looked there once before but apparently did not.

Also:  fat-free greek yogurt is an ok substitute for sour cream, but when making dips in the future I'll use 1/2 yogurt and 1/2 low-fat sour cream.  I think it would just taste better.  Anyone want some fat-free yogurt-onion dip?  I have a lot in my fridge and will probably throw it out.

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