Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Week 2.5 and some questions

I wanted to switch my weigh-in day to Wednesday for a variety of reasons, so today I got on the scale.  I'm officially down a total of 4 lbs and well on my way to my first goal of losing around 15 lbs.  Go me.

I was HUNGRY on Monday, probably because I didn't have a real breakfast.  Yesterday I had eggs with salsa, which I had to throw into a ziplock bag to eat later since my children insisted on doing things like braining themselves on the corner of the island to make the morning chaotic.  It worked out much better for me.

I need to develop a better bag of tricks (other than plain fruits and veggies, which are great but can get boring) of 1-2 pt snacks.  Sometimes I'm hungry and fruits/veggies just aren't going to cut it.  I've been tossing the occasional 2 pt string cheese in now and again, which is better.  Also, carbs are so many points, but if I don't eat at least some I find I'm ravenous.  What are your low point carb tricks?

I'm pleased with my progress so far but I know the only way I'll survive this LONG road is to find some "treats" for those days when I just need one.  Preferably not the 7-8 pt cookie I ate the other night which, while tasty and filling, was probably not the best way to spend my weekly points.


  1. I found ww chocolate chip cookies at the store that is 1 pt and they are indivdualy wrapped. I have 1 with a glass of milk and I am doing pretty good the milk is 3 pts but it keeps me full for a long time. I also wanted to know if you have a reward for yourself at 15lbs and if so what is it?

  2. I like fiberone bars, but don't know how many points they are on the new system.

  3. The Fiberone bars are 4 points on the new system, however Kellogg's has a great new bar called Fiber Plus and they are only 3 points each. I've had chocolate chip and dark chocolate almond and they are very tasty. One snack I make that is filling is I toast the Oroweat sandwich thins, they are three points and 1/2 oz peanut butter is 2 points. Add a banana or an apple and you've got a five point snack that will last you hours.