Sunday, February 20, 2011

Week 1 results.

These results may be a bit off, as I wasn't feeling well yesterday and some "digestive issues" probably added to my weight loss, but I am "officially" down 3.4 lbs today, and some random measurements I'm not putting a ton of stock in just now b/c I can't remember from week to week exactly where I took them.  Yes, I know.  I figure the waist one is pretty accurate, but it's a bit early to see a huge change in measurements.

At any rate, even with the "digestive issues" I still probably lost a couple of pounds, which is great.  My attempt to lighten PW's cajun chicken pasta was not much of an attempt, but I do have some solid ideas for my next try.  Plus the "six" servings she claims are too enormous for a mere mortal to eat--it's more like 12 servings. 

I also learned that it's just pointless for me to make 6 meals a week.  It's too much food for my family to eat, even with leftovers becoming lunch and all that.  I need to plan more like five, or I need to invite company over 3-4 times a week.  I think cooking less often is smarter.

My kids will be gone next week, so I don't know how much cooking I'll really do.  We have gift cards and groupons and could easily eat out every meal, which will be a challenge in itself.  In the meantime, I've discovered that Whole Foods puts a meal planner in their circular, if any of you are interested.  Another unintended bonus is that I've pretty much broken my caffeine addiction.  I gave up Coke Zero after my chiropractor told me I should give up fake sugar (I may have to rethink that as I really do need a skinny vanilla latte now and then), and my other source of caffeine, hot tea, is not an every day habit because I drink herbal tea sometimes as well. 

I'm rambling.  Bottom line:  This week's plan will look very different than "normal" because I will be planning to eat out quite a bit.  If you're thinking of trying anything I made last week, I suggest skinny sloppy joes (by far my favorite).  I still have a roast to make tonight and arroz con pollo to make sometime next week (I did not cook yesterday as I felt blech).  I'd also suggest adding the cilantro lime rice to a meal.

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