Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Learning to eat out

Weight watchers has an awesome iPhone app that lets you look at restaurants to help you find meals within your desired points range.  Unfortunately, I have an iPod touch and not all restaurants offer free wifi.

Which is why today at lunch at Chevy's I ordered a bowl of tortilla soup (given the nutritional info I thought it was my best bet) for a total of 10 points (!!!).   Had I had wifi, I'd have known to order the Santa Fe chopped salad with no cheese or bacon for 9 pts or with no cheese, bacon, or avacado for 7 pts.  Either one would have been more filling than the soup for less points.  Lesson:  check menus someplace WITH WIFI before going to chain restaurants, or next time just skip lunch with friends and come home.

Oh, well.  This is a "journey" (using this word will let me know if at least one friend read this) and I have a lot to learn, even though I am practically a professional dieter.

I did manage to stay within my points (with the addition of some of the weekly points) yesterday, and I skipped the apple pie b/c I was so full after fondue, which was divine.  I have 15 pts left today which should allow for dinner (3 pts per 1/2 cup of the sloppy joe filling, 4 pts for the bun or I might just have mine over spaghetti squash) and maybe even dessert.

I do think the WW ap is awesome.  I just have to remember that without wifi, it's not much more than a calculator and I need the ap to be most effective.  I can't calculate the points of a dish "minus cheese and bacon" based on the info on the nutritional info, but the ap can provide that.

I still can't believe that soup was 10 points.  It was a SMALL bowl of soup.  Fortunately, I had a fairly filling breakfast and some fruit as well.

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