Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pernil, Black Beans, and Cilantro-lime rice

Tonight's dinner was hit and miss.  The pork was good and flavorful (and very easy, although you do have to prep it and put it in the marinade the night before).  It did not taste citrusy, which was strange to me since the marinade is basically orange and lime juice, but it was good.

The rice was awesome, although the points I got when using the WW calculator were higher than what Gina lists.  I put in the recipe because I'd used brown rice (no difference in points, btw), and they came out higher.  However, I only used 2 tsp of oil rather than 4, so that made it work out.  I also think I could have halved the salt, but I always think things are too salty.  If you try this with brown rice, it will need to cook longer--follow the directions on your bag of rice.  Really, you can do this with any rice (even instant) and just add the lime, cilantro, and even just 1 tsp of oil after the rice is cooked.

The beans were good, but I'm not sure they were worth the effort of adding to what would have come out of the can.

Other things I've learned this week:

Gallo light salame is 1 pt for 5 slices.  Yum.

Athenos roasted red pepper hummus is 2 pts for 2 Tbsp, but only 3 pts for 4 Tbsp.  Please explain that one.  It's good with carrots.

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  1. After you shred the pork, spread it on a tray and slide it in the broiler for a few minutes. The crispy edges make all the difference! Yum!
    -Sarah C