Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I'm still here!

Life has been crazy.  We're about to start a kitchen remodel and have been doing some other renovations around the house before that begins.  We also were out of town for Easter.  After my last post I was feeling pretty discouraged.  I didn't count points that week and lost .4 lbs at my next weigh-in.  The I also didn't count points the next week and had gained 1.4 lbs, so I'm still down 11.2 lbs overall.  I've been counting points this week and hope for better results next Monday.

I didn't really plan meals for the week as last weekend we were busy moving all our furniture to the living room and dining room in preparation for new carpet.  Sunday night we were supposed to have turkey tacos, but after the news of Osama bin Laden's death, I didn't feel like cooking and instead had brie and crackers for dinner (glad I wasn't logging pts--I do not want to know!).  Monday friends came over to help move furniture back and we cooked out--hot links.  While that wasn't the greatest choice ever, it actually wasn't too bad and I stayed within my points with only a few of the weekly points for that day.  Tuesday we had turkey tacos, and tonight I had some WW mini pizza things as it's Hubby's guitar lesson night.  I am attending an event tomorrow night which will likely cost more than a few points (there will be wine).  I will try to eat before I go so I'm tempted less by the appetizers there.  I love appetizers. 

Hubby and I also have not one but TWO date nights this week.  One I don't think will involve food, the other probably will, but I can work around that.  At least it will be a real restaurant and not McDonalds!

I'm hoping to plan a real menu next week, but am not sure if that will work out or not.  I'd really like to have those sloppy joes again, and the Asian chicken. . .

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