Monday, May 16, 2011


According to the WW website, I have now hit my first goal of losing 15 lbs!  In reality, I've lost 14.6 lbs, but we're calling it good and I'm going to celebrate as the website suggests.  How?  I have no idea, but let's hope it's NOT by eating a giant piece of chocolate cake. :)

Interesting fun fact:  I weigh slightly less in my bathroom than I do in my kitchen.  I assume this has to do with the type of flooring or something, but I tried it this week since this time next week my kitchen will be about to be torn apart, so weighing on that floor will no longer be possible, and by the time it IS possible it will be a different floor.  I was .4 lbs heavier in the kitchen than I was in my bathroom, and I weighed myself twice in both locations (I always weigh twice to be sure the scale is actually working).  The weight I entered in WW was between the two--.2 lighter than the kitchen and .2 lighter than the bathroom.  I figure this will minimize the impact next week when I don't have a "kitchen" weight to use.

Clearly, the key to my success is making a plan for the week.  Apparently, it matters more that I have the plan and less that I stick to it, as I had plenty of splurges last week.  Before my planned Wednesday dinner out, I dutifully checked the nutritional info of the restaurant my friends and I had selected and figured out what I should order.  However, when we arrived the wait was 1 1/2 hours and we are all moms, so that didn't work out.  We ended up somewhere else, where I chose a reasonable entree and had an awesome piece of carrot cake for dessert--every last crumb.  I had unplanned Chinese take-out on Friday.  I chose broccoli beef but then ate not one but two of the surprise "free" eggrolls the place included with our order, plus more than one piece of my friend's honey walnut prawns--but I skipped the rice.  Sometimes my decisions crack me up.  I mean, I spent all this time Wednesday night choosing the right entree (broiled fish with a celery puree) but then ate all of my dessert (there was a three-course menu and it was the "chef's choice," and fortunately the traditional cream cheese icing had been "lightened" by adding something--I'm guessing whipped cream--to it.  It still had the cream cheese taste but was not as physically heavy, so I told myself the physical lightness had to mean fewer points).  I figured beef broccoli was a decent Chinese take-out choice based solely on guesswork, and I didn't have rice (5 pts a cup!!!), but I was powerless to resist the egg rolls.

I also had a planned dinner out Saturday where the menu was not in my control (buffet).  I'd say I didn't do too bad other than the zillion pieces of butter-soaked (seriously, it dripped out when you bit into it) garlic bread I ate, and the mediocre piece of chocolate cake.  And the five or six glasses of wine. . .  and that leftover babysitter pizza I had when I got home.

Still, I'm pleased with this week.  I will make a menu for this week during naptime today.  I still have a few things from last week that didn't get made thanks to Friday's unplanned night out and the fact that I forgot we'd be out Sunday as well (I haven't looked up the points, but I had spinach and cheese crepes from Ikea that were worth the $2.99 I paid for them, which isn't saying much).

The WW website has set a new goal for me:  another 12-ish lbs.  I'm just going with the goals WW suggest for now because I don't really have a better way to break it up.  Hopefully it won't take me as long to get there as it did to reach this first goal.  I'm tempted to go change it so that my target weight is a multiple of five, but I don't think it makes that much difference since it's not my final goal, so I'll stick with it for now.  Maybe when I meet this goal I'll let my inner OCD take over.  Or not.

Hopefully I'll have a menu/recipes/etc. to post soon.  I can tell you that the peanut noodles were AWESOME, the zucchini cheese enchiladas were ok that night, not a hit with my husband, and not good reheated as leftovers.  I'm hoping to make the Carne Bistec tonight, and maybe I'll roast the chicken tomorrow.  If it defrosts. . .

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