Sunday, April 17, 2011

Upcoming week and challenges

We are about to embark on a complete home makeover.  Tuesday through Friday, drywallers are attacking the popcorn on the living room, hall, and master bedroom ceiling and retexturing those and the living room/hallway walls.  Faced with the prospect of kids putting their fingers into new texture, I am opting to spend most of our time with friends this week before Easter festivities begin.

So, that means this week's menu looks like this:

Monday: leftovers
Tuesday: Chuck E Cheese?
Wednesday: Out--probably Jack in the Box because it's near dance lessons
Thursday:  Also something quick and easy--maybe sandwiches?
Friday: Easter madness begins.

I will try to behave myself.  I will still count points.  I will probably go over on Saturday and/or Sunday.

I'll be back tomorrow for a weigh-in.  And then next week I'll have gained some back, I'm sure.  But that's how it goes.

Oh:  recipes.  Pork chop experiment was not worth repeating.  I'll have to keep trying.  Maybe in the crock pot with a pork tenderloin?  Peruvian Roast Chicken is YUM, and the sauce Gina suggests with it is also delicious, as is her creamy cilantro tomatillo dressing.  The mexican brown rice casserole was missing something (The Big Geek suggested the missing ingredient was meat).  Not sure I'd do that again.  The chicken and orzo dish is also yummy, but I've made that before so I knew that.
We didn't manage to eat out for date night because the restaurant was too slow and we had to go retrieve our kids, but I did have a yummy "low-carbarita."  I have serious doubts as to the "low-carbedness" of it.  Also, no ribs, but we have so many leftovers I'm not concerned.  Actually, it's highly likely that we won't have enough leftovers for tomorrow night.  Hmmm.  Then what?  Maybe the turkey burgers and sweet potatoes again, as they were good and most of us ate them and they don't leave much in the way of leftovers.

I'll be back tomorrow to weigh in officially.  Had a birthday party today.  Ate hot dogs and cake.  Not my finest WW moment.

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