Sunday, April 10, 2011

Meal Plan, recipes, shopping list for whatever week this is.

We had some good meals around here last week.  The turkey burgers and sweet potatoes were really fast and delicious--I would absolutely plan them again for a quick weeknight meal, plus both kids ate the turkey burgers (but not the sweet potatoes).  The chicken enchilada recipe I made was good, but I made it a bit too spicy for me (and no way the kids would eat them).  I do think that low-point tortillas have a weird smell (some people do not have this experience but others do, so I don't know if it's genetic or what).  At any rate, the enchilada sauce in that recipe was not strong enough to cover the smell, but it was strong enough that I didn't notice a weird taste.  Not my favorite enchiladas, but about a third of the calories and fat.  I also enjoyed the turkey jambalaya, and I found chicken andouille sausage so probably the points were even lower (for me) than I originally posted.  I added some celery salt to the recipe which I think made it better.  It was just missing something at first.

As usual, there are recipes I didn't get around to making, and I'm adding them to this week.  I'm also trying some new things and one total experiment.  The Big Geek and I ended up eating out at a BBQ place (instead of him making ribs this week), and one of the sauces they had was a mustard sauce that I eventually figured out was Italian dressing and mustard.  It was pretty good, and we decided it would make a good marinade for pork, so on Monday I'll be experimenting with pork chops and my knock-off marinade/sauce attempt.

Monday: Pork Chop Experiment (5-ish points)
Tuesday: Peruvian Roast Chicken I meant to make last week
Wednesday: Mexican-Style Brown Rice Casserole (8 pts)
Thursday: Chicken, Lemon, and Dill with Orzo (9 pts)
Friday: leftovers
Saturday: out (date night!)
Sunday: baby back ribs (5ish points without sauce, I think?).  TBG did not make them last week but will make them again this weekend.

The little geeks are being whiny and need attention, so there is no shopping list this week.  I'll be back tomorrow to weigh in.  Not looking forward to that, really, after the birthday cake I enjoyed Saturday and other snacking.  I've been craving carbs this week.

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