Friday, July 17, 2009

Pastrami & Swiss with Carmelized Onions

I looked through a Sunset Magazine at the hair salon last weekend. It's a pretty awesome little magazine! They had lots of recipes, but I was drawn to the article on "fancy" grilled cheese. It featured a pastrami & swiss on rye with carmelized onion marmelade, and I practically drooled on it right there in the waiting room. Unfortunately, I couldn't get access to the recipe online, so I improvised.

You need:

A sweet onion (yellow is good)
Butter or Margarine
Bread (rye preferred, but wheat works)
Swiss Cheese (2% works just fine)
Pastrami (regular or turkey)
Mustard (yellow or whatever you like)

First, slice an onion and cooked it in some (I can't believe it's not) butter until it is soft and carmelized (turning brown). I let mine get kind of crispy in places, but I like it that way. Remove from skillet.

Then spread butter on one side of a piece of bread (I used wheat b/c that's all I had, but rye would be great), put it in the skillet you used for the onions. Top with mustard (I like just the plain regular yellow mustard, but use what you like), swiss cheese (2% is fine), pastrami (real or turkey is fine), 1/2 of onions, one more slice of cheese. Butter one side of another slice of bread, put mustard on the other side, and put the bread, mustard-side down, on top of the sandwich. Flip it to the other side and allow it to cook until golden brown and cheese is melted.

You will not be sorry you made this sandwich! I'm sure it's not that good for you, but man, is it ever YUMMY! Also, if you're like me and making yourself lunch while spooning baby food into the baby geek, you can walk away from the onions and just go back between bites to stir the onion/flip the sandwich.

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  1. I am salivating as I read this. Must try soon!!!