Thursday, July 16, 2009

Easy Meals with Trader Joe's--Biryani Rice & Chicken

From time to time, I'm going to post a meal idea that uses convenience items from Trader Joes. I hope you are lucky enough to live near one, because they have stuff you can't get elsewhere, and the quality is generally good.

My goal is stuff you can get on the table in 15 minutes while also directing children. This certainly fits that bill.

1 package Biryani Curried Rice Dish from TJ's.
2 cooked chicken breasts (if you have leftovers) OR 2 cups cooked ground turkey (or chopped deli meat, in a pinch).

Heat rice according to package directions. Add cooked meat. Stir. Eat.

That's it.

This is flavorful, but is not too spicy. The little geek isn't here this week, but I bed she'd like it. There are raisins and apples, so some sweet to go with the spice. The Big Geek is also gone. I think he'd like it, but I'd also have to serve some bread or beans or feed him a 2nd dinner.

The rice has no fat or msg and is vegetarian (if you don't add meat).

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