Saturday, February 21, 2009

Chili and Cornbread in the Cast Iron Skillet

The Big Geek got me a cast iron skillet for Christmas this year, and I've been trying to use it. So far, I've made some pretty tasty things that I hope I'll make again in the future and photograph to tell you about here.

For now, here's something really basic: Chili and Corn Bread.

For the chili, I just used a seasoning packet, some canned diced tomatoes, canned beans, and ground turkey. I did saute an onion to add in as well (well, half of one, because The Big Geek has onion issues). I'm sure there are many many home-made chili recipes on the web that would be far better, but for a weeknight, this works.

I also found the cornbread recipe by using google. I chose one that didn't use sugar, because I didn't want to use sugar, but I wasn't really all that happy with it. The cornbread was a little dry, and I'm not sure why--I assure you I used plenty of butter both in the skillet and in the cornbread. The edges were the best part.

While I'll keep looking for better recipes, it was a good weeknight dinner. I'm going to try calling my grandma to see if she'll share her cornbread recipe. Although when I was in college and asked her how she made her chili because it was so good, she laughed and told me she used a seasoning packet from the store, so I won't be surprised if she tells me the secret is "Shawnee Mills."

Have a great recipe using a cast iron skillet? Please share it!

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