Thursday, July 1, 2010

Angela's Breakfast Popsicles

My friend Angela found this recipe in a Cheerios cookbook (yes, it exists) and made it for a playdate years ago. I recently remembered it and decided the little geeks might like them as a "dessert."

I was right, and then I discovered that even more than dessert, they loved having them for breakfast. Whether you have them as a snack or breakfast, it's an easy, semi-healthy indulgence.

You need:
ripe bananas (but not over-ripe)
yogurt--any kind, but smooth, not with chunks of fruit. I like strawberry.
cheerios or "O" cereal
Popsicle sticks or lollipop sticks

1. Peel bananas and insert Popsicle stick into each one. (You may want to cut the bananas in half so you have 2 shorter pops). Place on wax paper on a cookie sheet or plate and freeze until the stick is really frozen in place.

2. Dunk frozen banana in yogurt (or spoon yogurt over the banana--whatever works best for you).

3. Roll yogurt-covered banana in cereal.

4. Return yogurt and cereal-covered banana to wax paper and freeze.

When they are frozen, you can store them in a plastic baggie until you're ready to eat them.

5. Tell your kids they are having Popsicles for breakfast and listen to them cheer!

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