Friday, March 27, 2009

Blog shout-out

I've stolen a LOT of recipes from Pioneer Woman. Be warned--her blog is NOT low-fat. But man, are her recipes YUMMY.

I have tried:

Apple Dumplings: These are so bad for you I felt kind of guilty making them for my family. But man, were they ever GOOD. And they have apples. Apples are good for you, right? Ok, maybe not if you drown them in butter, sugar, and Mt. Dew. No, that is not a typo, you pour Mt. Dew on your apple dumplings.

Cinnamon Rolls: Also not healthy, but a good special treat. I made these Christmas morning, and it was my first attempt at a yeast roll. The dough part was easier than I thought it would be. Assembly was SUPER messy. I think next year I'll just bring the butter to room temperature, add the sugar and cinnamon to it, combine, and spread it on the dough. Because this year there was a butterfall (like a waterfall, but with butter) from the melted butter. My dog loved it, but the last thing you want to do when you're making cinnamon rolls at 5 a.m. Christmas morning is clean up a butterfall.

Crash Hot Potatoes
: To be fair, someone else made these for me, but they were GOOD. She wasn't sure they were worth the effort, but I enjoyed them.

Dump Cake: Surprisingly good, and fun to make with kids.

Marlboro Man's 2nd favorite sandwich
: I like it with swiss cheese and dijon mustard. It's also good without the bread, just as a chicken breast (with bacon and smothered in cheese). Cooks well in the cast iron skillet.

Sherried Tomato Soup: Oh. my. G.O.D. This is the best soup EVER. And I don't usually like tomato soup.

I encourage you to check her out. As long as you aren't trying to lose weight.


  1. I also love her blog. The pasta dish I made for mom's night out last week came from there. It's the Penne a la Betsy.

  2. Good god on the apple dumplings--have to try those. I still have to give you the chicken shit recipe if you didn't find it in your book!